Since 2008 I’ve had the honour of telling more than a thousand of the tales of the people of Melbourne once their final deeds were done.

I’m a friendly guide, helping folks of all natures & statures to recall, reflect upon and tell their loved one’s story. Together we strive to sincerely represent each person’s life on the day of their funeral service, which hopefully also helps you through the process of grieving their loss. Occasionally the deceased rocked a few boats, but we always find a way to tell those stories too, ideally with both frankness and compassion.

Together we create a funeral service that we’re proud to deliver for the community you’ve lived your lives with. A funeral with substance, inspiration and wit.

In an era when life is speeding up, I’ll help you take time to remember, reflect, grieve, savour and celebrate. Together we’ll create an occasion that sits in a comfortable nook in each of your hearts.

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